The Chronicles of Deva: Fafnir

So here’s some milestones. The first is that my partner Becky and I now have a beautiful baby son – called Sebastian – who’s about a month old and he’s amazing. He’s everything we could have wished for and more. We’re so happy.

The second milestone is nowhere quite so monumental. Case in point, it actually passed me by for a while until I twigged recently: I’ve been keeping a blog for ten years now.

Ten flipping years!

Sporadically occassionally for sure (hello, deadlines!), but the averages work out to fairly regular updates, which ain’t so bad. Blogging wasn’t exactly a brand new thing when I started back in 2006, these days it seems a little bit too… Static, in these days of multiple feeds on mobile devices. But oh well.
Everything is content and we’re all content providers now compared to a decade ago. Most of all; all content can be Shared and linked to.

So let me show you something: here’s another character portrait from Susan Ruth‘s ‘The Chronicles of Deva‘ prose novel series. This is Lukas Fafnir, debonair young gent about town. (The town in question being Chester in Chestershire, in an alternate 1920s…)

Chronicles of Deva character: Fafnir

Fafnir might be a bit of a peacock but he’s quite the bird of prey underneath all those fancy feathers too, he was a soldier in the civil war that ripped apart the setting of The Chronicles of Deva. He’s done some horrible things and sometimes no amount of preening can hide it.

Chronicles of Deva character: Fafnir

He’s got dependencies. Drink, drugs. Excess. And he even has an eye for one of the main characters of Deva, Felix Skryker.

Chronicles of Deva character: Fafnir

It’s one of those things that appeals to us as human beings for some reason; that the very beautiful is also somehow very broken. (Wether this is because we’re simply jealous or because we know that to project such beauty takes its toll is another matter entirely.)

Chronicles of Deva character: Fafnir

Here’s “morning after Fafnir”, hung over and coming down, groping about his suite wrapped in a gown.

Chronicles of Deva character: Fafnir

The rough for the finished portrait, in which we needed to see him looking a bit mean. He’s just arrived at some gathering of the rich and powerful (by post-war standards) and might even be looking slightly rough around the very edges… But he could still casually put down his drink and wring someone’s neck.

Chronicles of Deva character: Fafnir

The linework, drawn with a dip pen and ink and then grey-toned with watercolour paints.

Chronicles of Deva character: Fafnir

And the finished thing again.

I wonder if I’ll still be blogging in another ten years. Maybe… Blogs might have gone the way of newspapers or magazines by then. What I do know for sure is that our son Sebastian is going to be ten years old by then, so we’ll see what he thinks.

Next: The great outdoors!

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