The Samurai Tragedy of Bayushi Castle – Part 8

Samurai Tragedy at Bayushi Castle: Scorpion Clan vs Mantis and Dragon in an passive-agressive-off.

Rebuffs abound at the otherwise placid Castle Bayushi as the oily hosts the Scorpion Clan try being nice to visiting pirate Endo Moshi from the Mantis Clan and pretty much get a slap, then try reminding the pious Dragon Clan candidate about how he was going to throw the samurai tournament to prove a point, before the monkish Hideo Mirumoto proclaims that he’s in the lead because he just so bloody great.

Samurai Tragedy at Bayushi Castle: Scorpion Clan vs Mantis and Dragon - photo of the ink linework.

And here’s a snap of the brush work without the colours. I did this one entirely with a Pentel Colourbrush brushpen. In my head, I though it was maybe a tiny bit chunkier than I’m used to, but it’s fine because the tip’s so good and the whole thing’s just so versatile. Now I need to find where I put my spare ink cartridges.

So I was looking back through the series and thought that I hadn’t done something with an all-over orange colour scheme, or a piece that was fairly dark yet. Or one with what filmmakers call a ‘two-shot’ of characters.
I keep on trying to get characters’ feet into one of these, but it’s not quite happening yet.

I think this one’s probably one of the more weak efforts in the series, but never mind. I was working on two of these at once, so you’ll have another one soon enough to make up for it.

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