The Samurai Tragedy of Bayushi Castle – Part 11

Fireworks pop off after Mitsu's been after someone...

Our main man for this instalment’s samurai tragedy is Mitsuhiro from the (possibly somewhat bookish) Phoenix Clan, who follows a mysterious figure seeming to be a servant across the grounds of Bayushi Castle, both parties deliberately appearing over-casual despite the low-speed chase that’s happening… Who is she? We don’t get to find out.
Later, Mitsu’ wishes his powers of observation weren’t quite so keen as he observes some fireworks from a celebratory procession of common townspeople. The flashing lights start triggering his epilepsy and he has to resort to a bit of support from his loyal retinue (and his player spending ‘void points’, in the Legend of the Five Rings RPG game system) to avoid having a seizure.

So on this one, I thought I’d had back into the headspace of classic poster and comic-cover character collage. Larger characters for inmportance, supporting characters dotted and and keep it simple in terms of points of interests.
I did (and do) know that I’ve hardly drawn many feet in this series to go with all the heads, so I was determined to get a few full-length figures in there.
(If you’re into comic art, you know it’s bad artists’ folly to never get around to drawing any characters feet. Deliberately or not… You should be mixing up the viewpoints and distances in your pages and compositions.)

I managed to pick a colour scheme for this one that I hadn’t really done already… Light blue. And some poppin’ yellow. (Truth be told, I wanted all the colours to pop, in a way.)

Check out my front lawn in the background, lawn fans!

The inks! I couldn’t quite get the brush pen flowing properly while I was doing this, bu it just led to a bit more decent dry-brushing.

Terrible photo of terrible pencils, sorry.

And a quick snap of the pencils. Grey graphite on grey paper, bad light, bad photo. Sorry!

I think I might be heading towards running out of ideas on this series, which makes me think that it might be time to start doing each piece more like a comic page. Get some storytelling in the there somehow. Even if it’s just two frames to a page. I’ve proven I can draw an image, now I need to prove that I can tell a story as well. Let’s see how I get on. Watch this space.

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