The Samurai Tragedy of Bayushi Castle – Part 15

Dial Daiymo for Danger!

Next Samurai tragedy piece. This one had both sword-fighting and poetry in it! An incredible balance. There was a haiku competition. I composed some quick haikus for some supporting characters to spout and then the players proceeded to fully get into the spirit of things by composing their own. They got so good at it that the messenger app where we all plan RPG sessions was completely awash with haikus for days (if not weeks) afterward. (Try it for yourself if you like, it’s micro-self-expression and therefore very achievable. 3 lines, syllables run 5-7-5. Easy.)

So the haikus being short statements fitted the idea of different characters slotting into one frame of the comic very well. The full haikus were still too long to get included in their full forms, so I had to just have one line from each. And drop some of the supporting characters.
The idea of a grid for such florid, poetical expression seemed a bit off, so I went with a circle frame layout instead, which worked out well because the dead space around the edges of circles fitted into rectangles mean you can put more supporting frames in, as I did here.

Dial Rokugan for Risk!

And the piece without all those blazing verses.

Next time: Tabletop gaming inside tabletop gaming! An some more fighting!

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