The Samurai Tragedy of Bayushi Castle – Part 16


Shaolin monk-eying around in the sword fight between the Dragon & Lion clans… The clans now at war with each other. Pure soul Hideo Mirumoto of the Dragon knocks Kujiko Matsu of the Lion on her arse several times until the poor dear doesn’t try to get up again.
Later, everyone is forced to put on jumpers and play a boardgame no-one understands… (It’s Go, which is really hard to draw…)

It was only when I was finishing this one that I realised that the colour scheme was basically that of a watermelon. BUT, Y’SEE, it’s informed by looking at the series as a whole and figuring out what colour scheme I haven’t really done yet. So I came up with green and pink.

I still wanted to work a full-length figure pin-up into a composition sometime, so this was one of those. Monkish Hideo of the Dragon Clan uses the Niten sword technique, developed in this setting’s history by a called character Mirumoto. It uses… Two swords! The katana and the wakizashi. This is actually a bit of a real-world thing, developed by actual, real, historical samurai tramp Miyamoto Musashi.

Bad photo with bad thumb. Bad.

Yeah, I didn’t even go anywhere near trying to draw Go boards with a brush pen. My apology for this was to get Go grids into the frame layout… I was very careful to never ever have straight up-and-down lines, because that kills the life that’s in layouts like you would not believe.
Oh and you might see that I tweaked some of the scales of anatomy on this…

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