The Samurai Tragedy of Bayushi Castle – Part 17

Bookworm Mitsuhiro looks to add another string to his bow in the archery contest of Rokugan’s Topaz Championship. He’s wide of the mark on his last arrow though. Monk Detective Hideo smells a rat.

A snap of the inks. A4 paper to keep the acreage down,

I finally managed to escape from underneath the umbrella of dark, golden sepia tones for the colour scheme in this one and I ended up digging just the colours on their own quite a lot.

With each one of these, I look at the collection of all of them I’ve done so far and then figure out what colours or colour combination I haven’t tried out yet in the series. That’s then the one I go for. It might sound a bit arbitrary, but it keeps me amused. I quite like the airy, high-noon blazing sunlight feel I managed to get in this. Not that sunlight is quite this blue, it’s just that a lot of the other pieces in this series are pretty brown.

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