The Samurai Tragedy of Bayushi Castle – Part 18

It’s a beautiful view from the balcony of Bayushi Castle, but Master of Ceremonies Omaru Miya is sharing his view that his contestants are rubbish, just to haze them in the ‘Courtier’ debate round of the Tournament of the Samurai, the Topaz Championship. Freebooter Endo Moshi of the Mantis Clan gets the (pirate) boot stuck into him, just like everybody else.

So the main thread with this one was me thinking that I hadn’t really drawn much setting or backgrounds in this series, so it was time for some kind of grandiose, vulgar gesture like drawing most of the grounds of a feudal Japanese castle, including its charming garden and castle towers…

The big head was originally going to have more of a body attached to him and serve as a kind of frame to take in the view through, to break up a rectangular image… But I ended up stalling that because I wanted to get the castle details in, then the lines were suddenly already down and the big character had lost his oomph. Ah well, never mind.

Colours! Running out of colour schemes I haven’t done yet in this series means the colour-work is getting a bit more over-wrought. Here, I was going for fairly primary yellow and red as a scheme, because we’ve not seen those all that much – or as a pairing – the Samurai Tragedy so far.

If the dark-to-blacks look over-powering here, it’s only because they have to be strong to make their way through the grey paper and big blacks of the drawn artwork.

Finished image without the text.

I’m now itching jump off this series and get back to working on my graphic novel, but the figure of 20 images – and the fact the adventure’s about to end – is calling me on to just see it through for a little while longer. Grr!

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