Pale Fionn Mac Cumhaill Gets Some Colour

I’ve been trying to get pretty serious about the Fionn Mac Cumhaill graphic novel for a wee while, progress is very stop-start on something like this when you’re the only person working on it. I’m trying to run it as a kinda social media project with fairly regular updates too… Seeing as how, y’know, nothing’s real these days unless it’s on social media. It’s all a bit galling really, but it’s the landscape creatives are in these days, so never mind. (The gag here is that this guy is talking about social media and hasn’t updated his blog in four months… Harrr.)

Fionn Mac Cumhaill the Irish mythological hero, here being a scrawny young guy out in the backwoods.

Oh boy, did I really just blurt all of that out when you just came here to look at some art..? Sheesh. Sorry about that. All the art angst has to go somewhere I guess, block the flow and it’ll just all back up somewhere.

So here is Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Irish Celtic mythological and folklore hero. Women love him. Men want to be like him. He’s like He-Man as a Nobel Laureate… Except, I like him looking like a disfigured, scrawny, unexperienced, pale weirdo though. He ends up being the top of the heap in Ireland at the very end of the late Iron Age, as the captain of the Fianna, the land’s most amazing warrior-poets and defenders of the realm.

This is a younger version of him, maybe he’s just about to leave the care of his foster mothers Bodhmall & Liath Luachra the woods of the Sleive Bloom Mountains, or he’s taking a moment out of his chores under the tutelage of the poet Finnegas on the wooded banks of the River Boyne.

My go-to one-liner to describe Fionn’ (also known as Finn McCool) to people is that ‘he’s like the Irish version King Arthur.” A guy who comes to be the leader of his version of the round table of knights by a combination of chance, adventure, birthright, mythical derring do and more. There’s stories about his parent’s courtship, his birth, boyhood, coming of age, adulthood, even embittered old age, his death and supposed mythical slumber to one day live on. The bits I’m concerned with for the graphic novel are his youth and coming of age, where he and his family face great adversity and then everything turns around for him.

This is one of my favourite rough drawings of him – doodled out at the end of the day on a comic convention table – I coloured up because I needed something with actual colours on as a icon for a Facebook page I made for the GN – to make it look appealing – as opposed to yet another black & white sketch, on a feed of black & white sketches… It was only a few weeks overdue. I’m dead good at this social media thing, me.

So anyway, there’s Facebook page for the FIONN graphic novel here. So that’s all the FIONN content in one place. I’ll still be putting Fionn things up in all my other feeds though, it’s all I’m trying to work on these days!

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