Happy Holidays 2020

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and yours all the very best.
If you made it through the year and also remain unscathed by mental illness or poverty, congratulations. We’re sure you’ll just love 2021.

Highly Questionable Santa is pretending to be Dominic Cummings here, the British Prime Minister’s unelected advisor who was recently sacked; not for flaunting lockdown regulations, not for unpaid tax, not for disparaging comments about elderly people, not for colluding to suspend parliament, not dodgy dealings with the campaign to leave the European Union, not concerns over his links to Russia or any of that stuff, but instead because he was snarky about his boss’ girlfriend.
Soon afterwards he was photographed shuffling off with his possessions in a cardboard box.

Political alliances broken and humiliated by the press and the general populace… Could this be the end for Highly-Questionable Santa?

What a year. We were eyeing COVID-19 this time last year, but we couldn’t quite see just how badly it could effect quite so much of this year, which has seen great upheaval but also a profound stasis.

Please take care, please stay safe.
All the very best from Lee, Becky & Seb. 

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