Happy Holidays 2021

Happy Holidays to you and yours, congratulations on making it through another tough year.

A thinly-veiled Boris Johnson stand-in cohorts amidst total catastrophe once again.

Here, ‘Highly Questionable Santa’ is breaking COVID regs and having a Christmas party, just like it’s been revealed that the UK’s Conservative ruling party did too, back in December 2020… Which they’re still denying, despite all kinds of testimonies to the contrary. They even fired someone who had nothing to do with it, which kinda backfired and then made them look even more silly.
Don’t end up looking silly, kids.

Meanwhile, could this be the end for Highly Questionable Santa..?
All the very best for 2022, which can only get better.
– Love from Lee, Bex and Seb.

(To see all of Highly Questionable Santa’s previous shindigs against common decency; they’re all on the blog, click here!)

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