Evil Star Workings #1

I said I’d lob up some workings from the Evil Star Graphic Novel, so here we go. The plan is to make a regular series out of these: all the interesting pencils, layouts, thumbnails and scribbles on the script that never see print.

Evil Star

Starting at the beginning, this is some detail from the pencils – well, I’m calling them pencils, most comicy people would probably call them ‘breakdowns’ – for lowly page two of the one hundred and seventy or so in the book. We open up the top of a tall mountain in the wilds of Peru, with an ‘Amauta’ wise man making predictions on the future for the story and the characters. I seemed to remember the scribbles being tighter than this, but don’t worry, they’ll get better as they go on.

Evil Star

You’ve got to love an old wise man. I had a look at some photos of elderly Peruvians and the place takes a toll on their skin – the ones who live in the mountains above the clouds (or so it looked) have nothing to keep the harsh sun or howling winds off them, so they end up with wrinkles on top of wrinkles on their faces. This old salt was drawn first by Dom Reardon in Raven’s Gate, thankfully in a deliberately mysterious way, so I could come in later and construct him fully, going by the ideas that he was old, had a poncho, a stick, and a hat with ear flaps. I must find out the proper name for those, since the book’s full of them…

More soon…

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