The Shadow Knows

A quick scan of a commission of the pulp hero The Shadow for the collector-alpha Alan Henderson, whose formidable monograph collection of convention sketches and commissions of the hook-nosed pulpster has an online mirror here.

The Shadow

As the click-happy will see, Alan has a raft of Shadows from true luminaries of the comic industry, and I was desperately trying to make a piece for him that would hopefully in some way stand out amidst all the others in concept, if not in steely pencilling/inking execution. Shapes are fun you know. They’re what human vision and the best works of art are based on.

I first met Mistah Henderson at the Bristol con back in May. where I did this for him on the fly while I was signing and sketching:

And that led to me having a crack at The Shad’ on a bigger field and with more time on my hands. Here’s a scan of sketchbook page with shapes jostling about all-over, as I tried to wrestle the formula down:

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