No Happy Ending

Morgor, Bumrage and I played a session of ‘D&D Retro CloneLabyrinth Lord last night, and I checked my email today to find out he’d put up a group blog all about the process of the game, complete with a little invite to be an author on the blog as well. Without further ado, I decided to play to my strengths and put up a vague comic of the session, to counterpoint Morgor’s write-up.

Labyrinth Lord comic
Click to read at a more comfortable size, brave adventurer…

In Labyrinth Lord you go on an adventure in a perilous dungeon full of monsters. It’s so perilous that you die quite a lot. It’s not fair. Not fair at all. Any and all advantages available to you have to be pressed to simply stay alive, and you can’t mourn too much when another noble adventurer slumps to the dungeon floor in a pool of their own blood. A little bit of this cheery atmosphere I’ve put down here…

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