Prestige, Innit

“As featured in the Creative Review blog…” Not entirely untrue, as a The R.G. Morrison record sleeve with some of my hand-lettering released from the stable of my musical pals the Drift Records Collective and Loose Music turns up on the esteem-ed design magazine The Creative Review‘s web-log. I don’t just draw pretty pictures, y’know. I can tap unknown reserves of over-wrought handwriting too.

Also, since I’m blogging, one of my old Swindon pals Richard Starzecki put on an Octobriana theme night at the Cubearts centre in Bristol recently, and here’s an, erm, pin-up I dashed off to contribute to the proceedings:

Octobriana the Communist space jungle amazon is a kind of secret handshake (with a lot of chin stroking) among comicish circles as her origin is so cloudy that she’s considered one of the few Public Domain comic characters.
In case you were wondering, the rodent-looking thing in the background is a giant walrus, once a supporting character in an Octobriana strip…

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