Oh MAN, I can hardly type out of disbelief I’ve never come up with the bad pun in the title of this post before. Anyway, August kind of disappeared for me in terms of updates on here, I was down in the art bunker. I did briefly escape self-imposed hermitude for a day to scuttle out from underneath the Earth’s crust to the Comic Expo in Exeter though!

I took along some of the many postcard-sized pieces of artboard offcut I have kicking around to do sketches for people on. I know they survive being stuffed in bags a bit better than plain paper does.

Blue Exorcist

This – my friends – this is Rin from the manga (and latter animé) ‘Blue Exorcist‘ by Kazue Katō. As peeps have smart-phones these days, and since I demand to draw everybody’s favourite things no matter how far away they are from what I do, I can get character reference from somebody’s favourite manga or animé on a little touchscreen to reference while I’m scribbling.


Case in point, moving many leagues further out of my comfort zone is this doodle of the main character from… ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica‘. Yes. Cute ickle girls. I have frittered away my artistic life learning how to draw grungy, macho comic dudes. What folly.

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