Excellent. Release the Ravens.

August the 2nd finally sees the release of the Raven’s Gate Graphic Novel from Walker Books, in British bookshops, some two-and-a-bit years after I first put pencil to paper for it. A long time after Dom first started work on it, and even longer than when Tony first adapted the script! (Case in point: have a look at this old previewof Dom’s work on the book from March 2008!) Anyway, I digress. It’s here and thanks to Dom’s lovely painterly skills the cover looks like this:

Raven's Gate Graphic Novel cover

Chuffin’ nice, eh? It’s got 170 story pages wrapped in lovely design by Patrick Insole at Walker Books and a beautiful cover with spot embossed gloss inks.

It’s available to buy from Walker, Amazon UK (complete with a nifty preview of the first few pages!) and Amazon US, as well as proper, real-life bookshops that normal, unassuming people shop in. (And let’s not forget that getting long-form comics into that kind of environment is a real achievement.)

Thinking about it, given the supernatural nature of this title, we might even see a bit of cross-over from the Twilight crowd and those ‘Dark Fiction’ shelves that groan with vampire novels in the bookshops… We shall see!

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