Winter Special: Event Sketch Double-Up

Open up your stockings (wholesome Christmas ones, not the sexy ones) for what’s probably the biggest sketch mirror update I’ve ever posted, thanks to two events being on subsequent days. You could almost make an advent calendar out of these. First up, the Gnash Comics day event, which was a lovely little get-together with a great friendly, family atmosphere and full of lovely people. Observe!

Old OneAn ‘Old One’ from the Power of Five series, the big baddie from Raven’s Gate.

Old OneAnother Old One, a spider this time. They come in all different shapes and sizes. It should be clarified that they’re evil.

SuperTarantulaThe request for this one was “A Tarantula.” Erm…

Matt FreemanMatt from the Power of Five. With gaffer-taped sketchbook and Rotring Art Pen tin. (Oh, and this just in, The Power of Five is allllll over Tumblr. Oh, it turns out that there’s bags of Fan-fiction too. Fancy!)

Cthulhu drawingCthulhu! Elder God from beyond the stars whose very presence drives people out of their tiny ape minds! As asked for by an innocent, wide-eyed young lad(!) because he’s been playing Munchkin Cthulhu with his family!

Judge DreddJudge Dredd, imposing upshot…

Judge DreddAnd Judge Dredd again, having a go at a down-shot of him without making it look too helmet-y. Oh, and some Mega City One.

Scarlett from the Power of FiveFinally, Scarlett, the fifth Gatekeeper from the fourth Power of Five book, Necropolis, here in cute teenage illustration mode…

Scarlett as medieval 'Scar'And shifting onto the day after at the Plymouth Comic Expo, here’s Scarlett in alternate history, feudal survivor mode from the third book in the series, Night Rise.

Fionna from Adventure TimeFionna from Adventure Time, with distinctly off-model cat companion ‘Cake’.

PortraitSkirting around my portrait artist side after doing one for a regular Devon con attendee (the photo of which didn’t turn out) four people asking for a group portrait is like the locusts descending, but hey, new challenges and all that…

Boba FettBoba Fett, Star Wars‘ own put-upon everyman character. Complete with Han-Solo-encased-in-Carbonite keyring on his blaster handle.

Zombie PunterZombie-portrait, the clever fellow in question came up with the idea for this one, unbeknownst that Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard has been doing a similar thing for readers at cons for years.

VampireA half-cat, shapeshifting vampire role-playing game character. Any excuse to be weird.

PortraitAnother portrait, a two-up of convention-goers.

Edward Alric from Fullmetal AlchemistThe main character of Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric. This was drawn without reference and with the requester describing what he looked like, so we’ve ended up with a something so far away from the source material that it’s nearly an original.

PortraitAnother portrait.

Judge DreddJudge Dredd returns.

Judge MortisJudge Mortis of the Dark Judges.

Swamp ThingSwamp Thing. He’s not in the jungle, he is the jungle.

BatwomanAnd finally, as the con was finishing and the sketches were getting increasingly graphic, it’s American comics’ first lady, Batwoman.

4 thoughts on “Winter Special: Event Sketch Double-Up

  1. Hello!
    I really love your art, and specially the Power of Five drawings. I’ve been searching for a really long time for pictures of this series but I couldn’t find anything decent, so thanks a lot for drawing and posting this! I really feel like they capture the essence of the characters

    • Hello, thanks very much for the lovely comment! Erm, if you like these Power of Five drawings, you can get graphic novel adaptations of the books full of drawings I did of the characters! Here’s Raven’s Gate, and Evil Star. Just in case you didn’t know. ;) Anyway, thanks again.

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