Evil Star Graphic Novel Workings #13: Dream Pairing

Happy New Year, bloglins. As the lucky among us emerge from the family food bunker, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way that this fat-ciggie-end of-the-year’s seasonal message of true goodwill to all men could be realised? A place where we can swap ideas with our fellow human beings the world over with no hang ups on language or tone of voice? Contrary to its own moniker, Evil Star has the answer…

Evil Star Graphic Novel workingsWhile asleep, the main characters of Evil Star can access a kind of dream-world in which they can speak to each other no problem at all, even though they speak English and South-American Spanish in the waking world.
My approach for the dream-world was inspired by how Bill Watterson drew Calvin’s ‘Let’s Pretend’ sequences in Calvin and Hobbes. His style switched from ink-brush cartooning to more realistic comic illustration. The gag being that the imaginary world was more ‘real’ than the real one.

Evil Star Graphic Novel workingsSo most of the figures in the dream sequences are photo-referenced, to make them sing with the note that can only come from direct human figure reference, compared with drawing from the imagination. As always with my work, it’s usually me in the photos, using a tripod, the furniture and now a ‘Gorilla Pod’ to balance the digicam on, curtains drawn and angle-poise lights dotted around to control the lighting, and using a long AV cable to the television to use it as a viewfinder while I’m posing away. And the auto-timer, obviously.

Next time: Apprehension!

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