Some sketches for peeps from the Animated Exeter Comic Expo last week:

Link from the Legend of Zelda sketch
A fey Link from The Legend of Zelda. I quite like how this one turned out.

Skylander sketchThis is for illustrator Ian Schofield‘s son Logan, it’s one of those Skylander toys.

Thor sketchThor, in movie mode.

Captain America sketchCaptain America, lookin’ a bit classical, ‘cos classical’s easier than superheroic.

Goblins sketchGoblins! Goblins are fun. It’s good to draw ugly things rather than shiny things for a change.

Mr. Spock sketch
Mr. Spock, from old school Star Trek, back when space explorers wore formal pantaloons and shiny pixie boots.

I drew all of these with my new Tachikawa ‘School’ fountain stylee pen, a pocket pen that mimics a nib and dip pen ink. I’d just taken delivery of the it and the ‘G’ model from American pusher of exotic Japanese stationery Jetpens, so I was all excited. The pens and the site come recommended. For UK fellows and lady-fellows, your first stop for British mail-order drawing supplies should be the wonderful CultPens and Scribblers though.

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