Evil Star Graphic Novel Workings #14: Disquiet on the Western Front

The action in the Evil Star Graphic Novel momentarily shifts from a chaotic Peru back to a calm night-time London. There’s still trouble brewing though…

Evil Star Graphic Novel Workings #14a

There might be a traitor in ‘The Nexus’, the group who help The Gatekeeper characters in the series. This is a little two page scene where, in a strange move for fiction of this kind, two middle-aged female characters have a conversation. That kind of thing wouldn’t be happening in a Hollywood film, that’s for sure. The swanky flat belongs to Nathalie – the character with the lighter hair – and she’s invited Susan – the woman with the glasses – round. It’s always a challenge to come up with environments for your characters to live in when you’re drawing comics: they should reveal something about the character who lives there, and be convincing as a real place.

Evil Star Graphic Novel Workings #14b

I also did a bit of scene-setting by way of page layout here: all of the scenes with the Nexus or back in old London town have a very straight and regular layout with plenty of evenly-spaced ‘gutters’, usually my page layouts are a bit wonky and on diagonal angles, and the scenes that happen in Peru are more like this.

Next time:
Enemy territory!

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