Evil Star Graphic Novel Workings #15: Haçienda Fulla Hate

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the desperate main characters of Evil Star are left no option but to infiltrate the villain’s hiedaway in the dead of night…

Power of Five - Evil Star Graphic Novel workings

Drawing black and white comics, kids? Night scenes are your friend. I love drawing scenes at night, it’s the kind of thing I live for as an artist; deep shadows, choking blackness and figures’ outlines emerging out of the darkness. Pages breaking into areas of harsh black and white. That sort of thing.

Power of Five - Evil Star Graphic Novel workings

And here’s an appalling scan of a quick doodle on the back of a page of script of Scarlett, the fifth Gatekeeper from the Power of Five series. I like the little figure of her jumping and swinging her sword. There are some Mouse Guard mice creeping in on the left-hand edge too.

Power of Five - Scarlett

Next time: Auto Abscondment!

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