Bristol Comic Expo 2013 Sketches

Here are some sketches I did for folks at the Bristol Comic Expo 2013 last month. Bristol’s my ‘local’ national convention and while lots of people skip it in favour of London’s MCM Expo the week afterwards, I’ll always make the journey to ‘Briz’ to show my support and generally show myself up for the provincial-minded farmhand I really am.

Judge Dredd from 2000AD convention sketch
Judge Dredd from 2000AD. He never takes off his officer number to administer a beating.

Marvel Zombie Iron Man convention sketch
A zombie Iron Man! Tony Stark must’ve got bitten on the face while his visor was up to get infected! Or maybe the zombies have super-powered jaws to get through his armour? Both of these possibilities and more are explored in this drawing. Can I remember what Iron Man’s armour looks like? Can I hell, I just made it up as I went along…

Tank Girl and Booga convention sketch
Along with Dredd, another British comic book character: Tank Girl. Along with Dredd, another British comic book character whose ‘I.P.’ was kicked around a film studio committee and then left out to dry in a Hollywood film that missed the point. Not that we need pictorial-literary types concern ourselves with the likes of Hollywood films and any conceived slights visited upon our favourite medium by the same, of course. We’ll leave that to the frothing sorts. We all know the books and comics will always be better, and that reading comics is a kind of magic that happens in your head that is unique to this form. Oh, and don’t forget Booga.

Hammerstein from 2000AD's 'ABC Warriors' convention sketch
Hammerstein! Hammerstein from 2000AD‘s ‘ABC Warriors‘ strip, the strip that got me into ‘Western’ comics when I was going through a serious manga phase. The same ABC Warriors that to this day is still written by (‘Uncle’) Pat Mills.

Nightcrawler from The X-Men convention sketch
Nightcrawler from The X-Men. With his sidekick, Night-crotch. Also, terrible anatomy. Apologies, neck fans.

Convention sketch of a Star Wars Battledroid, Soundwave from Transformers, Robocop-armed, Robbie the Robot legged robot with the Wrong Trousers on.
The request was for, “A robot.” So I made one up out of bits of existing ones; a Star Wars Battledroid’s head, Soundwave from the Transformers‘ body, Robocop’s arms, and Robbie the Robot‘s legs. The recipient of this sketch ventured that the legs looked like ‘The Wrong Trousers’, so I repurposed them on the spot to something we’ll now call ‘The Wrong Robbie’.

Tank Girl sunbathing convention sketch
Tank Girl again, for Ivo from Belgium, a distributor of continental beers to sketching artists and general friendly face. I was pleased to hear he’d managed to battle off cancer in the year before last. Then I was made sad by his statement that he probably wasn’t coming to any more British cons. Sob.

convention sketch of 'Zip' character from Brahma comics
A spirited convention exhibitor’s own original character from his own comic he was selling at the con, called ‘Zip’ by Brahma Comics. I’ve been googling for a web presence and haven’t been able to find one so far…

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