Phonogram Singles Club #3

Ach, poor neglected blog! Apologies. I’ve got tons of stuff to update with but scant time to do it in, as I’m busy inking up an entire slab-like book (which I will tell you about later on) but this is a bit spesh’, so I’ll break radio silence to slide the following exciting fact under your collective noses:

Phonogram: The Singles Club Issue 3 is out from Image this earth-week in at least three continents.

Thanks to Jamie McKelvie, It looks this good:

Phonogram: The Singles Club Issue 3 Cover

Tasty, eh?

My Indie Dave backup strip is in there with a, err, summing-up of the first Phonogram volume, Rue Britannia, with wondeful art from cat etiquette guru Leigh Gallagher. I’ve had a sneaky peek through the issue and don’t you worry kids, this series does keep on restoring your Faith in Comics at every turn.

Along with the musical theme, these ‘B-Sides’ won’t be in the eventual collected edition, so make sure you snap up the singles in as fannish way as possible. Thankyou.

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