Short Stories, Troubled World

Short Stories from a Troubled World

A book cover commission, in which I continue to stick it to The Man – it’s from Iconoclast Publishing and is called ‘Short Stories from a Troubled World’, if you hadn’t noticed, and is a collection of the beautiful thoughts of one Tony Paul – who takes “a Humorous, yet heard-hitting swipe at some serious issues. Among the book’s targets are Ruling Elites, Globalisation, Dumbing Down, Think-Tanks and the unholy alliance between government, Big Business and the media.” Testify!
If you can guess who all the personalities are in this drawing – struggling against my representations of them is the challenge, you see – you get a fictional prize!

(Oh, and on a personal, limitation-of-space side note, I’ve just put a great swathe of heavy-weight Nerd Material for sale on eBay. Click here to see the glittering delights arrayed before you. Thankyou.)

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