Dev-Con 1 Sketches

Some sketches from Dev-Con 1 in Plymouth yesterday, which had an amazing turnout for a regional con…

Batman kiddieLil’ Junior Batman.

Harried girl
Character from a graphic novel I’ll get around to drawing one day.

Matt FreemanLittle doodle of Matt from Raven’s Gate in the front cover of the Graphic Novel.

Deathstroke from DC Comics, who seems to be a bit like a palette swap of Marvel’s Deadpool. I had to look at a comic drawn by Rob Leifield to reference this. Brr.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd drawn for top local artist Rob Cross.

Rogue Trooper
A bit of an in-progress Rogue Trooper. Rogue’s one of those characters who got me into ‘Western’ comics (along with some other 2000AD brethren) and I still doodle him every once in  a while, just to try and make his character design work for me.

Judge Dredd pencil sketch
Dredd again, in pencil this time.

Another character from a graphic novel I’ll hopefully get around to drawing one day. This one was snapped up before I’d even finished! Shame I didn’t get a better photo of it.

This is ‘Teal’c’ from the Stargate SG-1 TV show, drawn from memory (and a patchy memory of photos from a sci-fi magazine I cut up to put in a figure reference scrapbook, at that…)

Batsy. Him frown at you good.

Heavy Metal 'Spirit and the Flesh' page
Quick snap I took a Heavy Metal story original page I sold, before it was whisked off with its new owner.

Batsy/Supesy. Have they fallen out and Batman is about to give Superman a wedgie while he’s not looking? Possibly.

Batman Black and White
I was a real fan of Batman Black and White back in the day, so it was good to draw on a copy of it.

Exalted character IExalted character IIThese last two were a couple’s role-playing game characters, which I’m always keen to draw as I’m an RPG nerd myself. Happily, these two are characters from Exalted, a game I’ve actually done for artwork for! The art will be appearing in the new edition of the game book – the third edition – and it’ll be out next month, so I’ll blog about it later on…

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