Jive Turkey

Apologies for not bleating about this within The Twelve Days of Christmas (That’s the time those of us who are of the grumpy persuasion will concede it actually is okay to talk about Christmas, as opposed to the 1st of December, hiss. Anyway, I shouldn’t be so cynical, because I heard One Christmas Catalogue Too Many by Captain Sensible being played in Morrisons supermarket the other day, which is proof enough that this years festive season is off to a good start.) Anyway, what I suppose I’m really trying to say is that I’ve drawn the Christmas card for your favourite international humanitarian charity, War on Want this year:

War on Want Christmas Card 2008

Santa’s lovely sweatshop there. You can buy these cards as packs of ten from the War on Want Shop and send them out with glee to your loving friends and family. the mantelpiece beckons!

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