You’ve heard of the Phonogram from the overtly wonderful double act of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, right..? If not, you’re missing out on one of the most interesting comics of recent times, and a great title to sling at friends who aren’t really into comics, so pick it up if you haven’t already, already!

Because, y’see, you’re not going to have long before the second series of Phonogram – ‘The Singles Club’ arrives. And my artwork’s even going to be in there somewhere…

Phonogram 2: The Singles Club page

My backup story involves Indie Dave the Phonomancer, the palid oracle of Indie music throughout the ages, going to see the Ian Curtis of Joy Division biopic Control. Hilarity ensues, with sexy results.

Kieron and Jamie have put up a lovely preview of issue one of the new series and info about all involved and glimpses of the strips they’re doing. We’re in exceptionally good company as fellow ‘B-Side’ artists include diarist Marc Ellerby, 2000AD engraver and fellow Lee/Leigh (it’s a plot) Leigh Gallagher, frighteningly talented paintist Daniel Heard, Internet celebrity and creative rights campaigner PJ Holden, the lovely Charity Larrison and the UK’s manga ambassador Emma Vieceli, who has diplomatic immunity.

Phonogram 2: The Singles Club - issue #1 cover

Issue one will be out in December, and the cover looks like this. It will be your new favourite band. Stand by for transmission.

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