Holiday Haul

2006 is dead. We killed it. Long live 2006! Happy New Year, you lot.

Here’s some scans and photies of some artistic (eh?) presents I gave my friends for Chrishmash;

Throb Daddy

That’s a promo image for the greatest fictional 80’s Hair Metal band who never actually existed, ‘Throb Daddy’. Sample song title: ‘Get Your Rock Out’. I’d like to say thanks to the people who did the band ‘Dokken”’s artwork for most of the inspiration behind this. That and trying to crowbar as many cliches into one image as possible… Oh, and for holiday fun, try and spot the badly-concealed knob joke in this image…


That’s a painting of a cat and a horse having a fight. Dressed as each other and wielding themed weapons… Eheh.

Art Nouveau


I don’t know either. That is a big stick though.


It’s No-Figure-Reference ahoy in yet another ‘Nightcrawler’ painting. I don’t actually like the X-Men or anything.

I like giving away unique little messes like this, it’s better than just throwing DVDs at people. And It gets me away from using pen and ink all the time…

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