Dev-Con 2014 Sketches

Some sketches from the Plymouth ‘Dev-Con’ comic con last weekend…

Dev-Con Plymouth 2014 sketch

Judge Dredd! Fizzog like a rougly hewn rock-face with a shiny bucket on top: a hero all British people can believe in.

Dev-Con Plymouth 2014 sketchLuke Skywalker. He’s been in some films.

Dev-Con Plymouth 2014 sketchHere the request was for a Transformer… The one that came to mind was Laserbeak. He was one of the original ones, I’m pretty sure my brother and I had an audiobook or book with him in when we were growing up, hence the resultant brain-stamp. Not that we actually ever owned the toy or any of the other cool Decepticons that turned into tapes, or Soundwave, the guy they slotted into. We did have Optimus Prime though…

Dev-Con Plymouth 2014 sketch

And here’s the bot himself. He’s got a lovely pair of windows.

Dev-Con Plymouth 2014 sketchThe ever-popular Deadpool, who’s gotten an awareness boost because of a videogame. Not because of some stupid dead medium like comic books or anything like that. I should’t gripe, at least he’s funny and has no truck with any of that ‘dark, gritty superhero’ thing everybody else in superhero comics is trying to do. But wait…

Dev-Con Plymouth 2014 sketchHe’s brought a friend with him! The friend is a Mexican personification of Death from the videogame, as far as I can tell…

Dev-Con Plymouth 2014 sketch

A couple of characters from Koei‘s ‘Dynasty Warriors‘ games. WIsh I could remember their names. I played a lot of the first version of their Japanese history… Inspired series, Samurai Warriors. I was probably kidding myself that it was research for drawing samurai or (in an even more flimsy excuse) Japanese history… What I was actually researching was just how much game a developer can hang around pressing the attack button on the joypad many, many times.

Dev-Con Plymouth 2014 sketchDeath’s Head II! A young impressionable guy who didnt know any better wanted some Marvel UK stuff, and I opted for Death’s Head II! Yes, he was basically everything that was wrong with comics at the time (a muscled skeleton… Cyborg. With long hair. And a bionic arm… Made out of liquid metal. That could also hack into ‘computer systems’. And turn into a gun. While Death’s Head I had the comedy one-liners; when I was eleven, it was all about Death’s Head II (in ‘Overkill’ magazine on the UK newsstands). There was a story Henry Flint drew which I remember being both genuinely mad and genuinely touching. And another multi-part one set in the far future where Death’s Head was reduced to being a lowly fetcher-and-carrier on a distant, barren planet, who ended up being stitched up and dying, but eventually coming back and ending up having to kill the one friend he had so her memories could live on in his brain. Sounds stupid, but when I was reading it, the time between installments seemed like untenable torture because it was such. A. Great. Story!

Dev-Con Plymouth 2014 sketch

It’s towards the end of conventions when things are winding down that I usually end up drawing the characters from the graphic novel that are sloshing around in my head… Here’s Fionn MacCumhaill from Irish Celtic mythology…

Dev-Con Plymouth 2014 sketch

…And his girlfriend Sabh. Complete with two different false starts in pencil underneath. (And some more on another piece of paper…)

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