Night of the Blank Sketch Variant Cover Comics

A couple of commissions for those fancy blank cover variant comics they make for art monkeys to scribble on. Bless those comic publishers, I don’t quite know why they do it. It’s fun though, and as long as it shifts a few more units we can all pretend it’s some kind of industry. ANYWAY, here’s Calvin Ellis, president of Earth-23 in DC Comics and also that world’s Superman. That sentence I just wrote does make sense to some people. I promise. He’s on the cover of the ambitious ‘Multiversity’ fourth-wall smashing comic.
President Calvin Ellis, Earth-23's Superman in DC Comics

I’m laying this on a bit thick here but since I usually bash these out at cons they’re very quick – these two were done at home so I got to take photos step-by-step.

President Calvin Ellis, Earth-23's Superman in DC Comics

Inking with my Pentel FP10 brushpen. I’d forgotten just how quick it is to work with.

President Calvin Ellis, Earth-23's Superman in DC Comics

So I got out some watercolour for these two. The paper of the extra cover didn’t quite take the pigment or water as well as I would have liked, but it was A NOVELTY┬áso never mind. Actually, as the solution soaked in and bled quickly, it speeded up the whole process, which was handy!

President Calvin Ellis, Earth-23's Superman in DC Comics

And there you have him, looking both Super and super-electable.
Proper old-fashioned propaganda-worthy, I hope.

And next up, here’s your Wolverine, being all savage and living with a pack of wolves – just like any middle-aged man would, given half a chance – he does have to fight off angry polar bears though…

Yellow spandex and tapered fins Wolverine’s cool and all, but it’s the mutant-caveman-soaked-in-viscera look that we all really pine for, right? Failing that, it’s the Weapon-X look which is exactly the same, only with a silver bucket on his head.

I did this one first (just to confuse you) and I wasn’r quite loosened-up enough the ink with the brushpen yet, so I used my Platinum Carbon fountain pen.

Aaaaiiieee! (And no, I’m not talking about how bad the bear anatomy looks.) I always liked the Capcom games look of Wolverine with the splayed claws. Much more interesting than having them lined up perfectly. The bristling hair was good too.

Suddenly, black areas.

And then I made the grey wash in the background worthwhile by painting in some white snowflakes.

Next: more Exalted pieces! (Honest!)

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