Buddy the Cat Merch

Roll up, roll up, you can now get my art on T-shirts, tote bags and yes, even tea towels..!

Buddy the Cat is; Fritz the Cat, Fat Freddy’s Cat, Itchy from Itchy & Scratchy, Felix the Cat, Garfield, Heathcliff, Custard from Rhubarb & Custard and some kind of hero for our times, all rolled into one.

Follow this link to buy..!

We got T-shirts!
Buddy the Cat T-shirt

Clothe yourself in a surly cartoon cat trying to keep his hooch (and records) out of the sun. Lovely off-white, pink colour. Really makes the art pop and the whole thing look tasteful.

We got Tote bags!
Buddy the Cat tote bag

The tote bags are made of great, thick material and have side and bottom panels on them,  you could fit eight heavy bottles of hooch in one, no problem… Or whatever you choose to lug about on street corners, while you’re going from pillar to post.
Buddy’s pose on the bag is an obvious reference to the ‘Keep on Trucking’ underground comix motif from Robert Crumb et al.

We got tea towels!
Buddy the Cat tea towel

Admit it, everyone hates washing up… I’m really pleased with how these turned out, the slightly distressed art and off-white cotton look great together.
I think everybody’s with us on sentiment too.

So just to sum up, you can use things with my art on to pose in, keep you warm, hide your nakedness, carry things, dry things up, rub things down and more…

Buddy is the new mascot of The Drift Record Shop. He’s based on a real shop cat. Well, he’s there sometimes, but he mostly lives with his Drift owners. Won’t you let him into your life, too?