Gift Comix

Here’s some scans from the interior pages of a birthday comic I drew last year for my illustrator pal Hannah Megee.

This will make little to no sense for the passing reader, since it’s half made-up on the fly from private gags, Hannah’s life and the fact that she was having a Mexican Day of the Dead party.

Other touchstones were Herge and Tintin, school hi-jinks stories, and how well that plugs into mid-twentieth century British adventure stories where the Caucasian main characters are always more important than the inhabitants of whatever country it is they are visiting. Hello, Mexicans! I don’t really hate you.

Oh and Luke Lux Harmonium special-guest-stars as the baddie henchman!

Still No Happy Ending

I had another game of Labyrinth Lord from Goblinoid Games with Messrs Morgor and Bumrage the other day. Last time, I was so chuffed Morgor had set up a little group blog for our adventures that I drew a little comic, which ended up being really popular with the folks who browse old-school roleplaying game blogs. So I was convinced it would be good to make a bit more of it this time around…

Labyrinth Lord Dungeons and Dragons Comic

Click through to read in non-squinto-vision!

So yes, all of this happened in one way or another. The gamesmaster will roll a dice behind his screen for a monster attacking you and then your character’s dead all of sudden. There is non sequitur nonsense that happens in collaborative storytelling. It’s fun.

I drew this with a 1.5mm Pilot Parallel Pen I got from my lovely girlfriend for Christmas, which helps the linework look a bit more lively than usual, and there’s even a nerdy nod in the colouring: it’s done with yellow and red, the same colours as on the cover of the first printing of Labyrinth Lord, and the old Basic version of D&D, which was released before I was even born… Oy.

No Happy Ending

Morgor, Bumrage and I played a session of ‘D&D Retro CloneLabyrinth Lord last night, and I checked my email today to find out he’d put up a group blog all about the process of the game, complete with a little invite to be an author on the blog as well. Without further ado, I decided to play to my strengths and put up a vague comic of the session, to counterpoint Morgor’s write-up.

Labyrinth Lord comic
Click to read at a more comfortable size, brave adventurer…

In Labyrinth Lord you go on an adventure in a perilous dungeon full of monsters. It’s so perilous that you die quite a lot. It’s not fair. Not fair at all. Any and all advantages available to you have to be pressed to simply stay alive, and you can’t mourn too much when another noble adventurer slumps to the dungeon floor in a pool of their own blood. A little bit of this cheery atmosphere I’ve put down here…


Here’s a comic strip page I did for Deluxe Magazine, a magazine about record shops from The British Underground that’s going to – among other places – the South by Southwest Festival that’s going on right now in Austin, Texas.

Deluxe Magazine coverDeluxe Magazine #1Thanks to Deluxe for the photo, it's better than any of mine...

Here’s the strip from its image file, click through to read it at a comfortable size: Deluxe Magazine comic stripAs this was an opportunity to poke my head above a parapet with a view of a landscape I didn’t have that much of an excuse to be in – record retail and collecting – and then proceed to throw my opinions around, I wanted to make sure it was half worth reading, so I wrestled with some roughs:Deluxe #1 comic 1st roughsI ended up getting two comics-worth from the preliminary brain rummage, so cut the first one free and then threw this at the Editor as a statement of intent:Deluxe #1 comic strip dummyThe poor guy.

It was nice to wang on about something using comics as a medium though. The whole thing brings to mind the increasing troubles facing physical shops that sell physical objects. Bit like your local comic shop. If you have one left anywhere near you. I suppose comic shops have people going in every week for their fix of The Big Two‘s product; something that there isn’t really a parallel to in indie record emporiums. But then again digital comics are on the up, slicing more share away from the comic shop owner. Hmm. I remember thinking to myself a while back that if there was any true future in comics they would have to become a trash medium again. Even though mail order ‘long tail’ graphic novels and collections – and even Kickstarters for the same – are fantastic, if we really want to be anywhere approaching relevance we need to jump onto the digital platform bandwagon – even if we don’t know where it’s headed – and start pedalling like crazy, and hope the mainstream takes some notice of us again.
Mind you, I do like a nice physical object like a graphic novel or trade paperback to read, so I suppose I want it both ways really. Harrumph.

Stripping for Friends

Here’s some pages from the birthday comic I gave to my pal and “heterosexual life friend” Rupert Morrison recently, since landmark birthdays deserve decent presents… Caution: In-jokes years in the making, personal histories and the fact I was half making this up as I went along conspire to make this mostly impenetrable to anybody but its original recepient.



Of course this is just a cheeky glimpse for everybody else, there’s a colour cover, an extra page and the dedication in the actual art object itself, but unfortunately you’re not the dude in question, so ya nae privileged enough tae see it, man!