Wally Wood’s ’22 Panels That Always Work’: the Falmouth Comic Art Show Version

A couple of images I contributed to the 22 Panels Falmouth Comic Art Show‘s poster this year. The name of the event comes from comic artist Wally Wood‘s cheat-sheet of comic panel layouts, so this year the poster for the event is going to follow suit… Artists attending the event are drawing their own version of Wood’s panels. For what it’s worth, here are mine…

Wally Wood's '22 Panels That Always Work' - Falmouth Comic Art con version -

So there’s a Cornish twist with the Cream Teas sign…

Wally Wood's '22 Panels That Always Work' - Falmouth Comic Art con version - "White Ben Day BG & Silh"And in this one the venue‘s being spied on by somebody who looks suspiciously like the event organiser (on the right)… The other guy (on the left) was me trying to draw a guy like Wally Wood drew in his version, but for some reason it ended up looking a bit like Dom Reardon
While I was referencing this on Google Street View, it occured to me that these two peeping Toms are actually in the Chinese restaurant across the road. (Good food, great building.)
I’ve been getting more and more into using a brushpen for linework recently. Sure it’s messy in the hand of a chimpanzee wearing human clothes like me, but at least it’s got some life to it.

Here’s the much-referenced original cheat-sheet by Wally… (Prepare to right-click, artists aspirant!)

'Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work'

Also on the final poster are going be frames drawn by such luminaries as Paul Grist, Tiernen Trevallion, Henry Flint, John Spelling and Jack Teagle, among others… Keep ’em peeled.

The Third City of Abacus

Here are some of the twenty, digest-sized pages of The City of Abacus Volume 3 art I did while a while back, written by VV Brown and David Allain….

Volume 3 is going to be published in the 7-volume-encompassing City of Abacus collection at some point in the future, with the art on parts 4-7 by John Spelling. I got to draw the cave made out of liquid metal, and in return John got to be the guy who drew an army of monkeys. Lucky!

Musical Theatre

Artwork for what is, as far as I know, the world’s first self-contained musical comic, courtesy of a fellow called Sam Gardner and Cape Fear Comics. Originally mooted as the companion comic to a superhero-themed stage musical(!), this comic comes with its own battery-powered sound module(!) built in, which will play the three or so minutes of audio as you read along with the comic(!) Lots of reverb and comedy phrasing abound!

If anything here looks slightly suspicious, it might be because there’s a gag about it about to turn up…

As if all of those new dimensions of art objects wasn’t enough, Sam’s lovely partner Chloeeven made a gingerbread man of the main character!

This is quite possibly another first as I’m not sure anything I’ve drawn before has passed into the realm of the edible…

Dark and Satanic Mills, or, ‘We’re All Going to ComICA’

Unbounded excitement once again goes whooping down the corridors of the upper East wing of O’Connor Towers, chums – I’m going to have a story in the Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption book from the youth initiative Ctrl.Alt.Shift and hyper-goodly creative agency Margaret London.

Who’s writing this short story, you ask? Some bloke called Pat Mills.
Erm, the Pat Mills who set up 2000AD, created the ABC Warriors, Nemesis the Warlock and Sláine… That bloke. In a funny way, what I laughably call my ‘career’ as a comic ar-teest is kind of Pat’s fault, because it was those comics that scarred my fragile, juvenile mind with Maximum Thrill Power…

Anyway, our story’s the longest of the twenty (count ’em) in the volume. It’s called ‘The Ayatollah’s Son: STARS’and concerns our young hero Ahmad just trying to get along in the Iranian capital Tehran before the much-publicised 2009 presidential elections happen and his life changes forever.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption - The Ayatollah's Son: STARS

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption - The Ayatollah's Son: STARS

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption - The Ayatollah's Son: STARS

Some layouts. Check out how much dialogue and exposition we get into! I’d like to show you more pages and bumph, but as always, there are spoilarz…

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption - The Ayatollah's Son: STARS

Annnd some character permutations:

Now, the next cool thing is that this book’s going to be launched at Paul Gravett‘s 2009 ComICA festival, taking place as it does annually at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. It’ll be my second glorious entanglement with this most elevated of events, after the launch of the Iraq book two years ago. The festival runs from the 5th to the 26th of November, and I’ll keep you informed as to the events as I get the information.

Cool Thing #3 is that as also as part of the launch, there’s going to be sister exhibition running alongside the ICA events – possibly with some of my originals in it – at the Lazarides SHOP Gallery on Greek Street in Soho, a place that has exhibited works by the likes of Jamie Hewlett and David Choe, among many others. Crumbs…