Happy Holidays 2021

Happy Holidays to you and yours, congratulations on making it through another tough year.

A thinly-veiled Boris Johnson stand-in cohorts amidst total catastrophe once again.

Here, ‘Highly Questionable Santa’ is breaking COVID regs and having a Christmas party, just like it’s been revealed that the UK’s Conservative ruling party did too, back in December 2020… Which they’re still denying, despite all kinds of testimonies to the contrary. They even fired someone who had nothing to do with it, which kinda backfired and then made them look even more silly.
Don’t end up looking silly, kids.

Meanwhile, could this be the end for Highly Questionable Santa..?
All the very best for 2022, which can only get better.
– Love from Lee, Bex and Seb.

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Happy Holidays 2020

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and yours all the very best.
If you made it through the year and also remain unscathed by mental illness or poverty, congratulations. We’re sure you’ll just love 2021.

Highly Questionable Santa is pretending to be Dominic Cummings here, the British Prime Minister’s unelected advisor who was recently sacked; not for flaunting lockdown regulations, not for unpaid tax, not for disparaging comments about elderly people, not for colluding to suspend parliament, not dodgy dealings with the campaign to leave the European Union, not concerns over his links to Russia or any of that stuff, but instead because he was snarky about his boss’ girlfriend.
Soon afterwards he was photographed shuffling off with his possessions in a cardboard box.

Political alliances broken and humiliated by the press and the general populace… Could this be the end for Highly-Questionable Santa?

What a year. We were eyeing COVID-19 this time last year, but we couldn’t quite see just how badly it could effect quite so much of this year, which has seen great upheaval but also a profound stasis.

Please take care, please stay safe.
All the very best from Lee, Becky & Seb. 

Happy Holidays 2019

Wishing you and yours all the very best for the holiday season!
Hope your year was good and your 2020 is even better.

(This year, Disturbing Father Christmas has dressed up as right-wing UK politician & millionaire Jacob Rees-Mogg, from that time when he acted like a small child and lay on the seats of the British parliament because his country wasn’t crashing out of the European Union fast enough for his liking, so him and his mates could make up some new laws.)
But does acting like a Dickensian despot raise the ire of the British populace? Could this be the end for Highly Questionable Santa..?

Do remember to take it easy,

– Lee, Becky & Seb.

Happy Holidays 2018

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Happy Holidays 2018 with Highly Questionable Santa

Here is another outing from Highly Questionable Santa. As is customary, here is the apology: Sorry.

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Hope 2018 was good for you and that 2019 gets off to a blazing start!

But with bridges burnt, could the this be the end for Highly Questionable Santa..? Continue reading

Happy Holidays 2017

Wishing you and yours the very happiest of holidays and all the best for the coming year!

After all the turkeys voted for Brexit, Highly Questionable Santa had to go further afield to find a strong and stable coalition…

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And as is tradition, the annual apology: sorry.

All the very best from Lee, Bex and Seb’.
P.S. Apologies for the lack of updates, I would blog about how I’ve been doing our house up over the last few months but that would be borrrrrrrrriiiiiiing. That’s mostly the creative outlet these days, for shame. That and a bit of graphic novel script writing. Some entries have been drafted out but never posted… Meanwhile, my (and everybody else’s photo hosting going down doesn’t make for the most attractive reading experience. ANYWAY, will get back on the blog horse soon. Thank you my lovelies.

Happy Holidays 2016

Happy Holidays 2016 with Highly Questionable Santa!

Hello poppets, thanks for reading this year. (And any other year too.) Hope you had a good 2016 and even if you didn’t, that 2017 will be better. Becky and I’s year was basically the best ever yet (ignoring world events for a sec) because our first child, Sebastian was born. He’s like, really cool!

Check out my previous Bad Santas right here. He’s now turned ten years old. Ten flippin’ years! And yes, I really do need to get these printed up into a range of Christmas cards. Maybe next year…

Now for the yearly apology for releasing this image into an already-suffering world: sorry.
Looking at it you might think it’s some kind of Donald Trump swipe. While there’s a crossover of an ageing, unsavoury character and something to do with military hardware, it’s ‘Brexit’ that’s really got my gears grinding and this image simmering away behind my knitted brow. Grr. Sigh. Grr.

As with all fading attention-seekers, our Christmas card anti-hero has made a lurch into the world of politics. But with the spectre of nuclear war’s ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ looming large, the question is:
could this be the end for Highly Questionable Santa..?

Happy Holidays 2015

Happy Holidays for 2015 with Highly Questionabe Santa

Wishing you and yours the very happiest of holidays, hope you’ve had a great year and here’s to an even better 2016! Sorry to drone on (oho), but could this be the end for Highly Questionable Santa..?
And, as is tradition, the apology: Sorry. (For those not so familiar with early-eighties animated features for all the family, see: This here YouTube video )

– All the very best from Lee & Becky.

(And if this is your first ‘Questionable Santa’ing, you can familiarise yourself with the previous times he didn’t stay away here.)

Happy Holidays 2014!

Highly Questionable Santa - 2014 Wishing you and yours a Happy Holidays and all the best for 2015!

Could this be the end for Highly Questionable Santa..? (Quite possibly, because the artist can only think up so many scenarios featuring him…) If this is your first Santa-ing and for some reason you’d like to see more, Santas of Christmas Past are here.

And to all, brand-new or jaded in matters of ‘HQS’…

Happy Holidays 2013

Highly Questionable Santa wishes you a Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and yours the very happiest of holidays, and all the best for 2014!

Could this be the end of Highly Questionable Santa..?

Enjoy, and – as always – sorry.

(And if you’re a glutton for punishment – even of the capital’ variety – and want to look at HQS’ previous yearly assaults against common decency, click his tag…)