Wall of Dredd

A little Judge Dredd sampler I’ve been sitting on for a while (not literally, it’d crease):
Judge Dredd cover colour sampler The linework on its own:
Judge Dredd sampler ink linework And the little thumbnail that started it all off:
Judge Dredd cover sampler thumbnail sketchSome composition roughs for the piece from my out-and-about sketchbook. (Which reminds me, it’s about time I uploaded a bunch more scans from that.)
Judge Dredd composition roughs At one point I was thinking about a Robocop homage/mickey-take. (Once upon a time – before the 2012 feature film was released – it was remarked that Robocop was the best Judge Dredd film that didn’t actually have Judge Dredd in it.) Oh and there’s a blob of Becky‘s wall marker on there too:
Judge Dredd cover composition roughs

Ask any British person and they will tell you that Judge Dredd haunts their dreams and flows in their very veins. (They’ll also start talking to you about the weather.) I’m no exception. (On both counts.) Other countries might have amazing heroes or incredible styles and opulent comic industries in comparison to our odd little transatlantic sideboard scene, but we have Dredd. Wether you like him or not, he’s ours. Going through my sketchbook to get roughs to post alongside the finished artwork up above, I thought I’d scan in some Dreddoodles too…

This is me thinking about the Mega City One Judges uniform before I started drawing the final thing:
Judge Dredd uniform sketches Judge Dredd uniform sketches

Further along that thread, Judge helmet doodles. Each one is different:
Judge Dredd helmet concept sketches

A doodle of Mega City One, which is as much a character in the story as Dredd is, and similarly, everyone draws it a little bit differently:
Mega City One - Judge Dredd Doodles

Shouty, stubbly Dredd with meaty neck. These last two are for when I was drawing a Dredd sample script for 2000AD.
Judge Dredd doodles

Dread again with some other friends, in red pencils this time, in case you were falling asleep:
Judge Dredd Doodles

Don’t worry, I’ll be over to shake you if you do nod off.
Judge Dredd Doodles

This one’s from 2003 or so, and is a bit embarrassing, but I do quite like the Judge Anderson down the bottom.
Judge Dredd Doodles

Another fairly early one. The little Dredd heads are an indication of the difference you can get between two Dredds:
Judge Dredd Doodles

And another. If you draw Dread’s visor with a straight top, he looks really dopey:
Judge Dredd Doodles Judge Dredd Doodles

Some Justice Department Techs and other folks:
Judge Dredd Doodles

Female judges are always cool:
Judge Dredd Doodles

Bulbous brainpan and that bloody bird. The eagle shoulder pad can be tricky:
Judge Dredd Doodles

Thanks for making it all the way down to the bottom of the wall of Dredd. Now please disperse in an orderly fashion before the authorities arrive.

Evil Star Graphic Novel Workings #9: Air Miles

The action in Evil Star now transfers to where the rest of the book will take place: Peru.

Evil Star Graphic Novel Workings #9

Before they get there though, Matt has another strange dream… Funny that, eh? I’m going to render the dream sequences in a different style to the waking world in the finished book, as they’re important, and become more so over the course of the series. What can Matt’s dream mean though? There’s no time to find out, as they’ve touched down in-country.

Evil Star Graphic Novel Workings #9

The book’s most important character soon appears. A little bit more than the script says, actually. I pulled a background cameo for him from the text of the Evil Star novel itself, a little aside that didn’t make it into the Graphic Novel. Yet.

Lego Judge Dredd

(Oh, and looking through the GN’s script to post this entry, I noticed a doodle on the edge of a page of… A Lego Judge Dredd. Not sure why, I must’ve been getting distracted. Here’s a scan. I reckon the amount of world-building 2000AD have done in Mega City One for Judge Dredd would really translate to a bunch of Lego sets. If it works for Batman and Spiderman, why not..?)

Next time:
impromptu exercise sessions in Lima.