Tea Towel II: This Time it’s Personal… ‘Metronomy’s Eight Wonders of the Small World’

So we did it again, there’s another METRONOMY TEA TOWEL in the works.

The English Riviera one was just so well received, we had to go and do it again.
Buy the forthcoming ‘Small World’ album from Drift Record Shop – click here – and you’ll get a special tea towel and a comic, both with art from me, for free!
(You can get the comic bundled with the album from any indie record shop in the UK, but the tea towel is a Drift exclusive!)
Again, this was just a massive laugh from start to finish.

‘Metronomy’s Eight Wonders of the Small World’, Tea Towel II: This Time it’s Personal... The art! Ignore the border.

Here’s a lil’ preview of the art for the tea towel.
We went for the full chintz on this one. Truth be told, it’s based a lil’ bit on a genuine vintage tea towel, banging on about how The Isle of Wight has eight wonders, more than the rest of the entire world put together. Eeesh.

The choices of places are from all over the world are are Joe Metronomy’s top location picks, spread out all over the globe. They are;

  • Garden Bowl bowling alley, Detroit, USA
  • Zona Arqueológica de Cholula ancient pyramid complex, Puebla, Mexico
  • Nice ‘n’ Sleazy indie night club, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Broadmarsh Banks skate park, Nottingham, UK
  • The Montmartrobus route, Monmartre, Paris, France
  • The Thai Oase karaoke bar, Lindau, Hamburg, Germany
  • Coin Laundromat, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
  • Bunbury Beach, Bunbury, Western Australia

It’s really nice that Nottingham and Glasgow got a look-in too.

(Thanks to Because Music!)

Here’s Joe Metronomy modelling a mock-up of the tea towel with customary high style in a charity shop. That guy!

‘Metronomy’s Eight Wonders of the Small World’, Tea Towel II: This Time it’s Personal... Says the Mountster himself!

Metronomy’s ‘Small World’ Album Comic

Metronomy 'Small World' album, 'It's Good to be Back' comic.

Comic strip I did for the band Metronomy!
Preorder their forthcoming album ‘Small World’ (on vinyl) and you’ll get this bundled in with it, it’s a comic expanding on the ‘It’s Good to be Back’ lead single music video, directed by the rather wonderful Dreamjob Directors.

Metronomy don’t really need an introduction, which is high praise from me indeed, but if you’ve not heard of them, rest assured, they are the very finest in grooving electro-pop music. I’m obsessed with loads of their songs. Lots of people are…

You might remember I did a tea towel design for the same good folk a while back.
The album’s out in February and there might be more goodies to tell you about later on, too.

Metronomy 'Small World' album, 'It's Good to be Back' comic.

You can pick up the album and get a physical comic (12″ x 12″ size!) from your friendly local indie record shop, like the Drift Record Shop.

Metronomy 'Small World' album, 'It's Good to be Back' comic.

The comic expanded upon the premise of each band member playing the role of a funny kind of idealised animal, something that was pretty hard to convey during the passage of the music video, but we could play with it a little bit more here.

Metronomy 'Small World' album, 'It's Good to be Back' comic.

…It’s at this point that the story then loops back to the beginning of the comic, just like the video does. So you turn over the ‘back cover’ of the comic and then you’re back at start of page one again.

The music video loops, I said… Wanna see? Check it out:

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s even a ‘making-of-the-video’ video that’s an eye-opener:

Many thanks to everyone at Metronomy’s record label, the esteemed Because Music.

Metronomy’s ‘The English Riviera’ Album Tenth Anniversary Edition… Tea Towel!

Metronomy English Riviera Tea TowelApologies for subjecting you to my mug, it makes a change from all of the art and I have great news! I was stupidly lucky enough to be able to come up with a design for a… TEA TOWEL for the British band Metronomy.

Metronomy English Riviera Tea Towel

Here’s the artwork itself, the idea is that it’s Joe METRONOMY’s favourite spots in The English Riviera (the Torbay area of coastline in south-east Devon, UK).

You can only get yourself a tea towel by buying the Tenth Anniversary double vinyl LP version of Metronomy’s ‘The English Riviera’ album from the Drift Record Shop.

Metronomy English Riviera Tea Towel

An alternate wave design (possibly inspired by a real wave lapping against Paignton sea front).Always loved this album, always loved Joe and Metronomy.

Metronomy English Riviera Tea Towel

All the shouts out to METRONOMY’s label, Because Music.
The idea is that it’s a spin on the tourist trap tat souvenir tea towels you used to get. It’s still making me chuckle.

Metronomy English Riviera Tea Towel

And a very early rough. I’m still obsessed with this record, even to this day, ten years after its release. It’s all about being from the bit of the country I’m from, the sun-drenched, sea-side, technicolour… Melancholy? The track ‘The Look’ is a stand-out one, if you’re short on time. ‘The Bay’ has more of the titular English Riviera conflicted feeling to it though.

Locations include; the YMCA Skate Park and Shoreline Cafe in Paignton, the Avon Dam, Torquay, Totnes, Stoke Gabriel and more.