Tea Towel II: This Time it’s Personal… ‘Metronomy’s Eight Wonders of the Small World’

So we did it again, there’s another METRONOMY TEA TOWEL in the works.

The English Riviera one was just so well received, we had to go and do it again.
Buy the forthcoming ‘Small World’ album from Drift Record Shop – click here – and you’ll get a special tea towel and a comic, both with art from me, for free!
(You can get the comic bundled with the album from any indie record shop in the UK, but the tea towel is a Drift exclusive!)
Again, this was just a massive laugh from start to finish.

‘Metronomy’s Eight Wonders of the Small World’, Tea Towel II: This Time it’s Personal... The art! Ignore the border.

Here’s a lil’ preview of the art for the tea towel.
We went for the full chintz on this one. Truth be told, it’s based a lil’ bit on a genuine vintage tea towel, banging on about how The Isle of Wight has eight wonders, more than the rest of the entire world put together. Eeesh.

The choices of places are from all over the world are are Joe Metronomy’s top location picks, spread out all over the globe. They are;

  • Garden Bowl bowling alley, Detroit, USA
  • Zona Arqueológica de Cholula ancient pyramid complex, Puebla, Mexico
  • Nice ‘n’ Sleazy indie night club, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Broadmarsh Banks skate park, Nottingham, UK
  • The Montmartrobus route, Monmartre, Paris, France
  • The Thai Oase karaoke bar, Lindau, Hamburg, Germany
  • Coin Laundromat, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
  • Bunbury Beach, Bunbury, Western Australia

It’s really nice that Nottingham and Glasgow got a look-in too.

(Thanks to Because Music!)

Here’s Joe Metronomy modelling a mock-up of the tea towel with customary high style in a charity shop. That guy!

‘Metronomy’s Eight Wonders of the Small World’, Tea Towel II: This Time it’s Personal... Says the Mountster himself!

Buddy the Cat Merch

Roll up, roll up, you can now get my art on T-shirts, tote bags and yes, even tea towels..!

Buddy the Cat is; Fritz the Cat, Fat Freddy’s Cat, Itchy from Itchy & Scratchy, Felix the Cat, Garfield, Heathcliff, Custard from Rhubarb & Custard and some kind of hero for our times, all rolled into one.

Follow this link to buy..!

We got T-shirts!
Buddy the Cat T-shirt

Clothe yourself in a surly cartoon cat trying to keep his hooch (and records) out of the sun. Lovely off-white, pink colour. Really makes the art pop and the whole thing look tasteful.

We got Tote bags!
Buddy the Cat tote bag

The tote bags are made of great, thick material and have side and bottom panels on them,  you could fit eight heavy bottles of hooch in one, no problem… Or whatever you choose to lug about on street corners, while you’re going from pillar to post.
Buddy’s pose on the bag is an obvious reference to the ‘Keep on Trucking’ underground comix motif from Robert Crumb et al.

We got tea towels!
Buddy the Cat tea towel

Admit it, everyone hates washing up… I’m really pleased with how these turned out, the slightly distressed art and off-white cotton look great together.
I think everybody’s with us on sentiment too.

So just to sum up, you can use things with my art on to pose in, keep you warm, hide your nakedness, carry things, dry things up, rub things down and more…

Buddy is the new mascot of The Drift Record Shop. He’s based on a real shop cat. Well, he’s there sometimes, but he mostly lives with his Drift owners. Won’t you let him into your life, too?

Metronomy’s ‘The English Riviera’ Album Tenth Anniversary Edition… Tea Towel!

Metronomy English Riviera Tea TowelApologies for subjecting you to my mug, it makes a change from all of the art and I have great news! I was stupidly lucky enough to be able to come up with a design for a… TEA TOWEL for the British band Metronomy.

Metronomy English Riviera Tea Towel

Here’s the artwork itself, the idea is that it’s Joe METRONOMY’s favourite spots in The English Riviera (the Torbay area of coastline in south-east Devon, UK).

You can only get yourself a tea towel by buying the Tenth Anniversary double vinyl LP version of Metronomy’s ‘The English Riviera’ album from the Drift Record Shop.

Metronomy English Riviera Tea Towel

An alternate wave design (possibly inspired by a real wave lapping against Paignton sea front).Always loved this album, always loved Joe and Metronomy.

Metronomy English Riviera Tea Towel

All the shouts out to METRONOMY’s label, Because Music.
The idea is that it’s a spin on the tourist trap tat souvenir tea towels you used to get. It’s still making me chuckle.

Metronomy English Riviera Tea Towel

And a very early rough. I’m still obsessed with this record, even to this day, ten years after its release. It’s all about being from the bit of the country I’m from, the sun-drenched, sea-side, technicolour… Melancholy? The track ‘The Look’ is a stand-out one, if you’re short on time. ‘The Bay’ has more of the titular English Riviera conflicted feeling to it though.

Locations include; the YMCA Skate Park and Shoreline Cafe in Paignton, the Avon Dam, Torquay, Totnes, Stoke Gabriel and more.

Where the Shirt Hits the Fans

I helped out with the free-handing on this T-shirt design for the Drift Record Shop

No, it doesn’t describe how I feel about them (they’re lovely).
So the gist comes from a photo of someone wearing an anti Vietnam Draft t-shirt (with a crease over the ‘a’) which was then used on a record cover that the shop got in… And then made them think someone had a bone to pick with them.

If you fancy a shirt, you can pick one up from the Drift website here.

Flip the Drift T-Shirt

I also helped with some hand-drawn lettering for their logo too. The idea was to take it away from straight, clean type and make the whole thing more organic. The leaning, drunken letters towards the end of the name were to hammer the point home.

And talking about Drift, they’ve just released their list of the 100 best albums of the year.
You can read a lovely (and incredibly well-designed) list of the top hundred best! New! Music! titles by clicking here to go to Drift’s ‘Deluxe’ website.

Or if you fancy a leisurely peruse with much more lovely design, there’s a fancy magazine version you can read a .PDF file of online:

…Which also has a fancy embed too.

Do read.


I was on a mini road trip with my pal Morgoth recently, and we ended up inventing an entirely new franchise. DEATHSCAPE is the name of the post-apocalypse wasteland in the back of Morgoth’s van where the rag-tag survivors of car accidents pull together to survive in the cybernetically-enhanced ruined future!

So I made Morgoth this little rear-view mirror ornament to remind him of the promised future as he goes around collecting victims from the burning wreckage littering the highway of destruction.

And as I saw when I was a’zoomed-in with Photoshop, all the imperfections and cut-marks in the bit of mount board this is made from look interesting up close.

Keep checking your rear-view mirror, road-users…

Musical Theatre

Artwork for what is, as far as I know, the world’s first self-contained musical comic, courtesy of a fellow called Sam Gardner and Cape Fear Comics. Originally mooted as the companion comic to a superhero-themed stage musical(!), this comic comes with its own battery-powered sound module(!) built in, which will play the three or so minutes of audio as you read along with the comic(!) Lots of reverb and comedy phrasing abound!

If anything here looks slightly suspicious, it might be because there’s a gag about it about to turn up…

As if all of those new dimensions of art objects wasn’t enough, Sam’s lovely partner Chloeeven made a gingerbread man of the main character!

This is quite possibly another first as I’m not sure anything I’ve drawn before has passed into the realm of the edible…