Favoured Media

Another Drift Record Shop window I drew on in Totnes High Street down here in Devon. I think this one’s the best so far:

There’s some more lovely photos in a smooth-as slideshow here, on the Drift Record Shop Blog.

And then I went and did some live drawing in the background of The Drift Record Shop Radio Hour on SoundArt Radio, broadcasting on FM and world-wide on the interwebs. In terms of audio I’m mostly the guy sniggering off-mic, making it all sound like student radio, but I did manage to shoe-horn in a bit Art History (well, sort-of) among some other nonsense…

The sketches (and there’s quite a few of them) were all put up live as I drew them via Tumblr, and now the show itself is also up on the online archive, so you can view and listen all at once. The hour of drawing absolutely flew by. I got to hear some great records, and I’ve got to say that the Drift radio venture is fast becoming my go-to place for good new music over mainstream radio or online snark-blogs. I love radio, I love good music, and I love drawing. Yew do da math(s).

That’s one of my sketchbooks that are with me at all times when I’m out and about, in a messenger bag at my side, in that photo. They’re full of observational drawings like these. I’ve been meaning to put up scans of them, and I will at some point in the future.

There’s also a page of pencils from the Evil Star Graphic Novel hiding in that photo up there…

Elsewhere on SoundArt and podcasts, my Call of Cthulhu RPG ‘Keeper’, Bill Eaton presents ‘SoundArt Stories’, a great programme on short fiction, with great stories to listen to and bits of writing shop-talk. The show has its own blog and online show archive, so have a listen.

Gangsters and Songbirds

Quick scan I took of a birthday card for the lovely Dom Reardon, before I ran out the door to go to the pub with him and hand over his present of some quality meat products. Dom’s currently drawing the second series of the ‘Ichabod Azrael’ strip for 2000AD, set by writer Rob Williams in 1920’s Gangster-ridden Chicago. Hence Pin-Stripiness!

Panel Borders

And once again, while I’m on, I’m on another Panel Borders podcast, recorded at the Bristol Comic Expo, talking about the Sioux Warrior musical comic. You can Listen to that here.

Top of the Shops

Comic panel I drew on the window of The Drift Record Shop down here in Totnes in Devon, for Record Store Day. The photo here’s flipped for easy viewing because I drew in reverse so people walking down the street could read the text…

I should have said, I did Drift a logo a while ago too y’know. They have a lovely blog, put on monthly band showcases at the Dartington Arts Centre, and host a weekly radio show on SoundArt Radio called The Drift Record Shop Radio Hour, which is archived for free listening, and is one of my favourite radio shows in existence.

Also, Rupert and the Drift crew have taken and put up some wonderful photos of the shop window in the afternoon sun in this blog entry here.

Prestige, Innit

“As featured in the Creative Review blog…” Not entirely untrue, as a The R.G. Morrison record sleeve with some of my hand-lettering released from the stable of my musical pals the Drift Records Collective and Loose Music turns up on the esteem-ed design magazine The Creative Review‘s web-log. I don’t just draw pretty pictures, y’know. I can tap unknown reserves of over-wrought handwriting too.

Also, since I’m blogging, one of my old Swindon pals Richard Starzecki put on an Octobriana theme night at the Cubearts centre in Bristol recently, and here’s an, erm, pin-up I dashed off to contribute to the proceedings:

Octobriana the Communist space jungle amazon is a kind of secret handshake (with a lot of chin stroking) among comicish circles as her origin is so cloudy that she’s considered one of the few Public Domain comic characters.
In case you were wondering, the rodent-looking thing in the background is a giant walrus, once a supporting character in an Octobriana strip…


No readers, it’s not a concept design for a new kind of nerdy orc, it’s a self-portrait.

This isn’t carrying on some kind of introspective bent from the previous post, it’s just that the pictures from my imagination weren’t falling out too great one day so I decided to draw something from life instead and I was the only lively thing about.
(Remember kids: you can only get out of your visual imagination what you put into it.)

I look a bit lumpy in the first drawing because I was still warming up, by the second one (drawn with the help of two mirrors) I was just about ticking over and ready to get back on with the comics again.

There’ll be some more actual content in this blog soon apart from all this self-wankery, honest.

The Loser

Here’s something I should’ve been squealing about on the internets with all my little heart years ago. I was probably too busy drawing comics or something ridiculous like that. It’s not by me, but it’s of me:

This is drawing of me by the famous drummer, arm wrestler and sometime comic and conceptual artist on the side, Jock. It was for the Swallow 3 artbook put together by Ashley Wood. Jock was doing drawings of his friends and family for the book, and I count myself very lucky indeed that I was in the first category. So while my work doesn’t get to appear alongside the likes of Ash and Kent Williams et all, I do. Which is definitely something.
The rest of the drawings are up here, and you can see some of them in progress in one of Jock’s studio tours here.

It’s an interesting time for Jock right now as the Hollywood film based on the DC Vertigo comic he produced with writer Andy Diggle – ‘The Losers‘ – was released in America recently and is out here in the UK soon, and is currently doing box-office battle with the revamped A-Team film.

The wee town of Totnes in Devon where I live is set on the river that flows down from Dartmoor, and even has its own castle. It also has a ridiculously high number of comic artists living in it or nearby, with Jock, Lee Garbett, Dom Reardon and John Spelling all hoving about the rural landscape and drawing things. It is a fine place.

Gurren Lagann

Sketchbook page doodled after watching the animé series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann from the Gainax studio, the same spirited bunch who gave you your Evangelion – and one of my favourite pieces of film ever – Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise. Simon the Driller, Yoko and Kamina here look a bit lumpy, but they didn’t half appear on the paper fast. I like it when that happens.

I really should put more sketchbook pages up on here. If what I do is draw things, then they represent the source of that much more faithfully than finished artwork does…

No, It’s Not the Steve Irwin Fanzine

There’s a piece written by me about The Ayatollah’s Son in this month’s Crikey! – ‘The Great British Comics Magazine’:


John ‘Kinky’ Pertwee looking slightly perturbed at the prospect of many mini doctors on the cover there… There’s a bunch of top stuff in this issue, click through the link above to find out more, and even see Bryan Talbot attractively modelling a copy…



As you can see, it’s all rather impeccably laid-out, as is the the rest of the mag! In my time playing writer, I talk about how I came to be involved with the book, working with Pat, the different stages of researching and drawing the strip, and a load of other artistic polemic I managed to crowbar in.

Meanwhile, the Ctrl.Alt.Shift Book‘s getting some writeups in The Guardian, The Independent, Metro, Dazed and Confused and the Fade arts zine…

Pat reckons we might even manage to get a graphic novel out of this short story – I think the mileage in the characters and the stories we have left to tell is definitely there. Watch this space.