The Complete Phonogram

Cover to Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie‘s ‘The Complete Phonogram‘ from Image Comics.

Complete Phonogram Hardcover Collection

You may have been following this series over the years. Running to three volumes – the most-recent story arc ‘The Immaterial Girl’ was collected last year – and if you have been following, you’ll know that’s unique in its approach… This is one of the most realistic comics out there (no really, most comics deal in the fantastical to at least some degree) and is yet all about the real-world human condition in the 21st Century. (The inherent fantasy in it is all played out through revealing the perfectly believable character’s inner landscapes and their interplay with the outside world.) Phonogram’s big deal (and ‘Elevator Pitch’) is: ‘Music is Magic’. If music can make you change your haircut, your clothes, your identity, your friends, make you go to places you wouldn’t normally go and even make your body dance around involuntarily then it must be magic. The second layer to this big deal is then what happens when someone learns how to wield that magic, but I’ll leave you to read the comics to learn about that.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I was lucky enough to be one of the circle of comicy sorts to be asked to contribute a ‘B-Side’ – an extra strip – to the second story arc – ‘The Singles Club”s run – this, along with all the other B-sides and extras never before collected  (just like B-Sides on singles never made it to musicians’ albums, some of you may not be familiar with the concept of musical singles having flip-sides or extra running time to fill up these days, but just go with me here) will be back in print in April!

As the main story of ‘The Singles Club’ was locked around particular characters all experiencing the same night, my B-side is based around ‘Indie Dave’ – quite possibly my favourite character from the series – gatekeeper of esoteric indie, whose demeanour puts across the way that indie music is always young, youthful and always refuses to grow up, no matter how dishevelled or creaking the fans get in the end.

On Kieron’s lovely newsletter he recently shared a link to a great article written by someone who loves music, comics and Phonogram – Kieran Shiach – where you can see the impression the series made at work.

I know I’m getting in on mentioning this waaaay ahead of release, but that’s how the direct comic market works; it shouts about things about three months in advance and then readers have a chance to preorder or get excited just before the printing presses leap into action and a run of stories are put out into the world. If you’d like to welcome a copy of this into your home – and put it somewhere near your record collection – you can ask at your friendly local, independently-owned comic shop (mine are Gnash Comics and OMG Comics) for a copy on release, and make it even more easy for them by giving them this ordering code:

See Image Comic’s product page for the collection here.

I’ll go digging in my archives for for some supporting matter for this one to share closer to the release.

Yes I know going to such lengths gabbing about a book when I’ve only got one little strip in it is odd, but I flipping love Phonogram.

Phonogram Singles Club #3

Ach, poor neglected blog! Apologies. I’ve got tons of stuff to update with but scant time to do it in, as I’m busy inking up an entire slab-like book (which I will tell you about later on) but this is a bit spesh’, so I’ll break radio silence to slide the following exciting fact under your collective noses:

Phonogram: The Singles Club Issue 3 is out from Image this earth-week in at least three continents.

Thanks to Jamie McKelvie, It looks this good:

Phonogram: The Singles Club Issue 3 Cover

Tasty, eh?

My Indie Dave backup strip is in there with a, err, summing-up of the first Phonogram volume, Rue Britannia, with wondeful art from cat etiquette guru Leigh Gallagher. I’ve had a sneaky peek through the issue and don’t you worry kids, this series does keep on restoring your Faith in Comics at every turn.

Along with the musical theme, these ‘B-Sides’ won’t be in the eventual collected edition, so make sure you snap up the singles in as fannish way as possible. Thankyou.


You’ve heard of the Phonogram from the overtly wonderful double act of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, right..? If not, you’re missing out on one of the most interesting comics of recent times, and a great title to sling at friends who aren’t really into comics, so pick it up if you haven’t already, already!

Because, y’see, you’re not going to have long before the second series of Phonogram – ‘The Singles Club’ arrives. And my artwork’s even going to be in there somewhere…

Phonogram 2: The Singles Club page

My backup story involves Indie Dave the Phonomancer, the palid oracle of Indie music throughout the ages, going to see the Ian Curtis of Joy Division biopic Control. Hilarity ensues, with sexy results.

Kieron and Jamie have put up a lovely preview of issue one of the new series and info about all involved and glimpses of the strips they’re doing. We’re in exceptionally good company as fellow ‘B-Side’ artists include diarist Marc Ellerby, 2000AD engraver and fellow Lee/Leigh (it’s a plot) Leigh Gallagher, frighteningly talented paintist Daniel Heard, Internet celebrity and creative rights campaigner PJ Holden, the lovely Charity Larrison and the UK’s manga ambassador Emma Vieceli, who has diplomatic immunity.

Phonogram 2: The Singles Club - issue #1 cover

Issue one will be out in December, and the cover looks like this. It will be your new favourite band. Stand by for transmission.