Still No Happy Ending

I had another game of Labyrinth Lord from Goblinoid Games with Messrs Morgor and Bumrage the other day. Last time, I was so chuffed Morgor had set up a little group blog for our adventures that I drew a little comic, which ended up being really popular with the folks who browse old-school roleplaying game blogs. So I was convinced it would be good to make a bit more of it this time around…

Labyrinth Lord Dungeons and Dragons Comic

Click through to read in non-squinto-vision!

So yes, all of this happened in one way or another. The gamesmaster will roll a dice behind his screen for a monster attacking you and then your character’s dead all of sudden. There is non sequitur nonsense that happens in collaborative storytelling. It’s fun.

I drew this with a 1.5mm Pilot Parallel Pen I got from my lovely girlfriend for Christmas, which helps the linework look a bit more lively than usual, and there’s even a nerdy nod in the colouring: it’s done with yellow and red, the same colours as on the cover of the first printing of Labyrinth Lord, and the old Basic version of D&D, which was released before I was even born… Oy.

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