Merry Metal

‘The Spirit and the Flesh’, the strip I illustrated for Heavy Metal, is in the issue out on the shelves right this very second, the January 2010 edition:

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

(Comp copies are the perfect Christmas present! Bit like getting the Beano annual when you’re wee, even!) I was steeling myself for the strip about hairy-arsed cowboys to be surrounded by images of sci-fi and barbarian girls in bikinis, but no amount of mental preparation can quite fortify you for the impact of the finished article… The cowboys are set-up next to the issue’s beautifully drawn and coloured long-form piece, ‘Mortemer‘.

I’m pretty sure I listed all the reasons why being in Heavy Metal magazine made my nerdy little heart sing like a canary in a previous blog entry, and having the finished object in my hands and on the racks is even better. It’s good to have a considerable number of colour pages in print in a self-contained story, most of the work I do for comics is monochrome… Anyway, if it’s not in your local shop you can buy it online here. Enjoy. And watch out for Baron Saturday.

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