Not Quite 22 Sketches

Just got back from the 22 Panels Comic Art Show in Falmouth (yes, the name is a nod to artist Wally Wood‘s ’22 Panels That Always Work’ reference sheet) – Cornwall’s first comic event, apparently – the cool thing was the focus on comic art. Here are some sketches I did while I was there, hanging out with the region’s best artists…

Convention sketch of Matt Freeman from the Power of FiveMatt from The Power of Five.

Convention sketch ofThere was an Irish pub we walked past in Falmouth town centre called ‘Finn McCoul’s’ – and that got me in a mythological mood – Fionn MacCumhaill is a character from the youngest cycle of Celtic Irish mythology. Roughly, he’s like an Irish version of King Arthur. I’ve been wanting to adapt and draw some kind of Fionn graphic novel for years, but the good news is you’re not going to have to wait for me to get off my arse and get one published, because Will Sliney is doing one! This is a sketch of a young Fionn, when he’s helping catch fish on the banks of a river.

Convention sketch ofFionn’s wife Sadhbh. If you want a bit more detail, read the stories!

zA group drawing the artists at the con contributed to, a gift for Nicholas the con organiser. There’s sketches on here from Jock, Hunt Emerson, John Spelling, me(letting the side down), Tiernen Trevallion, John Burns, Paul Grist and Dom Reardon! Truly excellent company!

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