Exeter Sketches, Winter 2013

Just a little clutch of sketches from the wee Exeter Comic Expo earlier on today:


Your friendly neighbourhood Batman. Hanging out in an alleyway and looking statuesque.

The X-Men

The X-Men. Or rather, the X-ladies from a recent Marvel comic with an all-female mutant line-up.

Finnegas from the Fionn McCumhail Fenian mythology cycle

A bit of an over-egged Finnegas the poet from the Fenian Celtic Irish mythology cycle (that I was going on about a while back. He shouldn’t look as jagged and aggro-laden as this. Pesky strong spot blacks. I have other sketches where he looks like a skinny, toothless old bloke who’s been outside for too long, just as he should as far as I’m concerned. He’s reflecting on some of his written work here, scribed in Ogham on some sticks.

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